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Startup Investor | Freelance Consultant

Spanish startup investor focused on EU-based startups developing B2B SaaS, no-code & productivity tools, marketplaces, and crypto solutions.

Writer at JMCobian, board member at TetuanValley, and freelance consultant at Capsys Group and ITASU.

Please read below to learn more about my investment criteria, my portfolio, my background, my publications, and my contact info.

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Investment Criteria

  • Stage: Pre-seed or Seed

  • Ticket Size: € 5k to € 10k

  • Pre-Money Valuation: € 350k to € 3.5M

  • Financing Instrument: SAFE, Convertible Note or Equity

  • Geographical Focus: European Union 🇪🇺

Areas of Interest

  • Do more/faster/better with less. B2B SaaS platforms, as well as no-code and productivity tools for SMEs, startups, creators, freelancers and sole-traders.

  • Work-life balance. Tools and platforms democratizing the access to knowledge, capital, health and wellbeing for individuals future-proofing their life and careers.

  • Disintermediation/decentralization. Marketplace and "pick-and-shovel" plays shifting the power in an industry's value chain from its middle towards one or both of its ends.

  • Transition to a post-COVID world. Tools and platforms helping those sectors that have been hit hardest by the pandemic to adapt to and thrive in the "new normal".

My 10-point Investment Checklist

  • I only invest in teams (2+ people working full-time). Solopreneurs are OK, as long as they already have 1 or more full-time hires.

  • Team members must have worked together for a number of years in the past, ideally on a VC-funded startup or scaleup.

  • If this is not your first rodeo as a founder, it's a big plus. Otherwise, having solid references or gone through an accelerator are a plus too.

  • You must be "scratching your own itch" and have demonstrable domain expertise in the industry & problem you are addressing.

  • The startup must be addressing an already large TAM, SAM & SOM (no need for market-size or P&L forecasts. The future is uncertain).

  • The startup should ideally be a "winner-takes-all/most" play and/or have a very clear "moat".

  • Pre-revenue is fine, some revenue is better (obviously). Pre-MVP is far from ideal.

  • I invest in "bits" rather than "atoms" and recurrent revenue (SaaS, subscription) or high-ticket/margin plays rather than high-volume.

  • I love bootstrappers that "do things that don't scale" (i.e., if you plan to spend a fair % of your 1st round on marketing, I'm not your guy).

  • I invest in honest people that I'd enjoy working with and can add value to them. Areas: PMF, GTM, recruitment & internationalization.


"Those are my principles and, if you don't like them... Well, I have others"
(Groucho Marx)

The above is just a transparent exposition of all the things I pay attention to and look for in a project before I invest and thus, it depicts what would be the ideal pre-seed startup investment for me. Consequently, please do not feel discouraged to get in touch with me if your project does not score a perfect 10/10 on this checklist.

TL;DR: I do not expect any pre-seed stage startup to be a perfect 10/10.


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Current Investment Portfolio

Past Investments

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About me

Hi, I’m Jose (a.k.a Cobi), a startup investor based in Spain.

I’m a board member at TetuanValley, the first 100% free startup accelerator in Europe (0€ cost + 0% equity) aimed at first-time entrepreneurs, with 900+ alumni worldwide in its 12+ years of existence.

Also, I'm the author of JMCobian, a newsletter about startup financing & venture capital (coming soon).

Additionally, I collaborate on a regular basis with consulting firms Capsys Group and ITASU on a variety of projects.

Previously, I led the launch and expansion in Southern Europe of both blockchain & fintech trailblazer Circle and mobile-first hotel bookings pioneer HotelTonight (acquired by AirBnB in 2019).

Prior to that, I led TetuanValley as its CEO, I advised several VCs and investors in over 30+ investment mandates from deal-sourcing up to due diligence, and I developed and led several startup acceleration programs, tech incubators, and academic programs to foster the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Spain.

Before that, I was a Management Consultant for Oliver Wyman and Monitor Group.

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